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Kevin Dowson Learning and Development Ltd is pleased to launch a regular newsletter for our customers offering government-funded training. Focusing on relevant and current topics and offering our perspective on what’s going on in the sector – combining the facts, with our thoughts and comments – and maybe a few ideas to help you as well! So far, three are available with most of the focus to date being on the Specification of Apprentice Standards for England (SASE). Our next newsletter is due at the end of July and takes planning for inspection as its theme. Please use the links below if you want to receive a copy.

Speaking of inspection – we are pleased to announce a series of Planning for Inspection events to be held across the country over the coming months. These workshops will look at the different types of inspection, with a clear focus on how to make the most of the two to three week notice of inspection; concentrating on what you can do in advance and how you can prepare your staff and learners. Ideally suited to inspection nominees, quality managers and operational managers, these not to be missed events are already starting to fill. Reserve your place now!.

As an ideal follow-up to these workshops, we are also pleased to offer training for inspection nominees. In addition to the importance of planning, the appointment and the role of a good nominee are critical to a good inspection experience. What information to present and how to present it, when to argue and when to keep quiet, and knowing how best to influence inspectors judgements are key factors in inspection success. Ideally suited to existing, reserve or potential nominees, these events will significantly enhance your contribution to your inspection.

Both of these courses are kept deliberately small and, where possible, include contributions from former HMI and inspection nominees. They can also be delivered as a bespoke session for your organisation.

Finally, keep checking back here for some exciting new qualification and service news!

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