Planning for inspection

Just because Ofsted only give you two to three weeks notice of inspection doesn’t mean that is all you have! This workshop will look at how you can use those two or three weeks most effectively, in addition to looking at the critical actions you can take in the weeks and even months before that short notice period kicks in. We will also look at the types of inspection that are now in place and what you can expect from each. We will help you get rid of the clutter that can take over Ofsted’s short period of notice and look at how you can focus your activities during that time on selecting and preparing your learners, staff and workplace managers.

In this workshop we will cover:

  • The different types of inspection and what is involved in each
  • Developing a long-term inspection plan
  • Self-assessment update and position statements
  • Briefing staff, employers and learners
  • Developing a short-term inspection plan
  • Drawing up a schedule
  • What should inspectors see?
  • Who should inspectors meet?
  • Facilitating an inspection – what it means for your staff and your offices!
  • Presenting good practice

Lots of serious stuff covered in an interesting, information, and occasionally humorous way!! All delegates will receive a certificate of attendance and an extremely useful reference pack, crammed full of useful information and good practice. Like all our courses, this can also be delivered on your premises for a number of your staff, or perhaps shared between you and another local provider. Get in touch with us for more details.

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